Business Group 2010 LTD (former “SaqKamazAutoCentre” LTD) is one of the oldest companies operating in the field of provision of different kinds of construction, communal, transportation, agricultural etc. vehicles and equipment to Georgian market.

Our main activities include:

The office, warehouse and service centre of “Business Group 2010” LTD are located in the industrial zone of Tbilisi, in 1,5 km distance from Tbilisi International Airport. The total area is 30 100 m2 that includes:

Permanent staff of enterprise is about 40 people and all of them are skilled workers who have received necessary trainings at our partner automobile plant.

The material and technical basis of our company is equipped with all necessary technological machines required for maintenance of vehicles and other equipment. Only “Business Group 2010” LTD owns the service center authorized by the automobile plant KAMAZ capable to provide the technical services or the major and routine repair of vehicles in compliance with the standards and requirements of mentioned plant.